NetBull - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I use it for?

NetBull keylogger can be used for a personal purpose (monitoring children, spouses) and as well for business purposes (monitoring employees). NetBull spy software captures and records (in stealth mode) everything a user does on the monitored computer. The stealth monitoring programs are a must-have nowadays and NetBull is one of the best you can use. It's long established that a company is legally responsible for what their employees do while they're at work, and any owner is responsible for what happens on their computer while they're away. And not in the last place, NetBull is an effective parental control software that can protect your children from all online threats.

2. How do I start using NetBull?

NetBull consists from 2 parts: "NetBull.exe" (the main program) and "module.exe" file (the actual keylogger). From the main NetBull program you have to build a "module" (see "Build Module" button) with the settings you want (icon, email delivery, hotkey etc.) and that "module" must be run/doubleclicked on the computer you want to monitor. The actual keylogger is the "module", not the main program. The logs/reports can be retrieved from the main NetBull application (click the dotted square on the top of the program and select "Automatically Retrieve Logs"), if you have direct access to the monitored computer, or you can receive the logs to your email/FTP address.

Please note: to install the keylogger you have to doubleclick/run the "module" file (it's not enough to only build it) on the computer you want to monitor. After it's doubleclicked, the "module" silently copies itself in the system and runs from there in stealth mode.

3. Should I purchase a license?

By purchasing the license you will get rid of the limitations of the trial version (no warning displayed, no limit on the number of logs) and also have a more stealth NetBull. While the trial version is detected by all the antivirus programs, the full version of NetBull is coded in such a way that the most used antivirus and antispyware programs won't detect the keylogger at a regular scan.

4. Is NetBull keylogger really stealth?

NetBull is probably the most stealth and invisible keylogger you can find on the Internet.

The "module" is hiding in system and takes the system time, it's hiding in other system programs and cannot be seen running in Task Manager. Our stealth keylogger runs flawlessly with the protection system implemented in new Windows 10 - there is no prompt from UAC (User Account Control - a technology introduced 1st time with Windows Vista) and Windows Defender won't detect NetBull keylogger at runtime. You could say it sounds too good to be true... Of course, NetBull is not perfect and fully undetectable to anyone and anything at any extent, it's just the best keylogger on this specific aspect. There are few antivirus programs that use emulation techniques (that means the antivirus runs the file in memory when scanning it) and such things are hard to bypass. NetBull keylogger may be able to bypass some emulators, but fails on others.

5. Is there any guarantee the keylogger works?

There is a big chance it's working, but no guarantee can be given. A software like NetBull cannot work 100% on all computers and under all the circumstances and it's impossible to know if the keylogger will work on a specific computer until you actually test it on that computer. A keylogger like this relies on external factors (firewall, internet connection, email provider etc.) and is highly interfering with the system. It's definitely not a Notepad.

6. What operating systems is NetBull compatible with?

NetBull computer monitoring software is compatible with Windows 2k, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 (both 32bit and 64bit systems).

7. Does it run on Guest accounts?

Yes, the keylogger works fine under all account types (Guest, Standard, Administrator).

8. Should I uninstall the trial version prior to installing the full version?

Yes. The keyloggers could interfere to each other, it's better to uninstall/remove the trial version.

9. I doubleclicked the "module" and nothing happens!

Netbull keylogger is installing silently, nothing visible happens (unless you configure the keylogger to display the pop-up window).

10. I used the uninstall hotkey and nothing happens!

The keylogger is uninstalling silently, just make sure the correct hotkey is pressed.

11. I am not receiving the logs anymore!

Maybe the keylogger is no more installed. The keylogger could be configured to uninstall itself when a specified number of logs are sent. See "Extra Options" panel.

12. How can I install the keylogger remotely?

Netbull keylogger can be installed remotely. In the keyloggers world the "remote install" option means that you are able to send a single file to the machine that you need to monitor. By example, you can send the keylogger (the "module" file) by email from your home computer to your office computer and when you're in front of the office computer just check your email account and install the keylogger from the received attachment. Or you can simply take the keylogger "module" on a USB pen and install it from there.

13. Can I monitor all user accounts on a computer?

The keylogger can monitor only the account under which is installed. If you have administrative rights, you should install the keylogger ("module" file) under all the other accounts.

14. Is it safe to install a keylogger on my computer?

You should be cautious when installing "free" keyloggers, most of them will harm your system and compromise your privacy. By using a legitimate keylogger like NetBull you can rest assured there isn't any virus or trojan hidden inside. The trial version of NetBull could be detected by your antivirus, it's somehow normal because it's publicly available. The antiviruses are picking this type of software (even if it's legitimate) because it can be misused. They are over-reacting.

15. Is NetBull detected by the antivirus programs?

The full version of NetBull keylogger is tested with some of the best antivirus programs and when it's built we make sure it'll be undetected when scanned (RightClick -> Scan) with the following: Windows Defender, Norton AV, Malwarebytes, Avira, McAfee, Avast and AVG. Of course, the probability to be undetected for other antiviruses is big, but we don't test with all and don't guarantee for all.

16. Is it legal to use NetBull?

NetBull keylogger is a legal software intended for legal monitoring usage. NetBull must be used in a lawful manner and for a lawful purpose. You agree and accept that you must be the authorized computer administrator, the owner of the computer or you must have the permission from the owner of the computer to install the keylogger. You don't have the right to install the keylogger if you are not the computer administrator, the owner of the computer or do not have the installation permission from the owner of the computer. If you intend to monitor your employees, you could be legally obliged to inform your employees that they are being monitored. Prior to using NetBull it is end user's responsibility to ensure that the use of the keylogger will not violate any legal or regulatory provisions. It is strongly recommended to check and comply with the local laws/regulations in your district/country.