NetBull - Free Keylogger Download
NetBull keylogger is a portable (standalone) program designed to run without being installed in the classic way (by running a setup or installer file). NetBull doesn't create shortcuts on Desktop, Start Menu, Control Panel and runs from wherever you place it. The trial version of NetBull can be used for 7 days. The keylogger ("module" file) is fully functional but a warning pop-up window is displayed when running it and there is a 3-log limitation.

The free trial version of NetBull is detected by all antivirus programs (it's somehow normal because of being publicly available). The AVs are picking the keyloggers (even the legitimate ones) because they can be misused. Prior to using the trial version of NetBull, you should temporarily disable your antivirus.

The free version of NetBull can be received by filling out the following form:


Do you want a cloud-based keylogger that allows you to monitor your Mac in real-time from anywhere, at any time?

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