NetBull - Purchase
Prior your purchase, we strongly encourage you to test our trial version available here: keylogger free download. Due to the fact that we provide you with a free keylogger download to evaluate our software features, we do not offer refunds. All the customers should test, before the purchase, a trial version of our keystroke logger and make sure it is the software they're looking for. The trial version of NetBull could be detected by few antivirus programs, for proper testing we suggest you to temporarily disable your antivirus software (if there's an AV running).

The license for NetBull can be purchased securely online through BMT Micro (all online payments are guaranteed 100% secure). If you're having problems ordering through BMT or you are just uncomfortable sending credit card information over the internet, just contact us for alternative payment options. We can accept payments through Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Western Union.

After your payment clears, the registration info and a download link are delivered to you by email within a few hours (usually within minutes!). Our merchant (BMT) accepts payments with PayPal, credit cards (Visa, Master Card), wire transfer etc. In the case you pay by credit card, your credit card statement will show a payment to BMT Micro (your payment details aren't disclosed).

To start your purchase, simply click the "Buy Now" button next to the license type you are interested in:

Keylogger for Windows 10
License Type
Order Link
NetBull software - 2 months support
NetBull software - 1 year support
NetBull software - lifetime support
NetBull - email account (2 months)
NetBull - FTP account (2 months)

Your NetBull FTP and email accounts ([email protected]) will work with NetBull keylogger for logs delivery. The NetBull accounts can be associated with a domain not related to Netbull, for increased anonymity. NetBull keylogger can work with free email/FTP providers too but for best results you should use paid-for accounts.

Reasons to buy the full version of NetBull:

  • no warning pop-up window
  • get rid of trial version limitations
  • NetBull keylogger is undetectable when scanned with Windows Defender, Norton Antivirus, Malwarebytes, Avira, McAfee, Avast, AVG Antivirus

  • free updates within the license term
  • top-notch tech support
  • perfect keylogger for remote installation
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