What Is A Keylogger And How Does It Work

Keyloggers take control of your usernames, passwords, and even bank account numbers, messages, and many more! In this guide, you will learn in-depth about keyloggers and how they work. You also get the basic information that they collected from the keylogger. There are many reasons for the use of keyloggers by businesses. We will walk through all the essential information. Let's get started!

What is a Keylogger?

The long form of Keylogger is 'Keystroke logger'. It is malicious software that records the keystrokes of the employee's computer. Moreover, it is just like spyware targetted victims to capture the most essential information and keep track of their activity. Generally, it is difficult for the employee to detect keyloggers as they are given within the Employee monitoring software. The Employee monitoring software has Keyloggers to record the activities of the employees.

How does Keylogger work?

The Keylogger stores all the information based on the keystrokes of the keyboard of the employee. They record the action taking place on the keyboard and the monitoring device as well. The employees can install the software on the organization's device to track employee activities. It also records the data such as usernames, passwords, sensitive data, the websites they access, clipboard logging, screen logging, internet activity logging, and many more! It is a very sensitive and powerful tool to track employees' activities.

The information collected from Keylogger is recorded in the database, website, emailed, or wirelessly transmitted to the scheduled employee.

What type of information can keylogger software collect?

The Keylogger software records the following pivot information:

  • Records usernames and passwords
  • Records emails
  • Records both sides of conversations between messaging apps
  • Records the browsing history and search history
  • Obtains screenshots of the usage of certain keywords
  • Handles the remote control of the device
  • Takes in the time you use certain applications

Why do businesses use Keyloggers?

If the organization is split across remote areas, installing a keylogger would help the employer track the employee. Due to the diversity of distractions on the internet, a keylogger would help the employee stay focused on the work. To maintain productivity, efficiency, trust, and deadlines, keyloggers are handy.

The keylogger would track the way the employee spends the day on the internet. Based on this data, it helps the employer to take necessary actions and keep the employee focused on work.

Businesses can allow employees to know that they are being supervised based on keyloggers. It helps the employee to avoid using the business devices for personal purposes and stick with the work as much as possible. This also increases the focus and dedication of the employee.


In conclusion, you learned in-depth about keyloggers being malware and spy tools. It is beneficial for employers and risky for employees as well. Depending on the reasons the employer uses the keylogger, it sounds reasonable. We hope this guide gave an in-depth idea about keyloggers.